The leaked celebrities photos have cause quite a commotion internationally to say the least. I’ve heard some of my friends say that if these women didn’t want photos leaked, they shouldn’t have taken them. Despite the fact it is not illegal to take the photos, they were still blaming the victims. Recently Emma Watson gave a fantastic speech 9¬†look it up) advocating women’s rights, and suddenly a ‘countdown’ had begun for when the hacker was supposedly going to release nude photos of her. This proves that the ILLEGAL sharing of these images has nothing to do with the women being at fault, or about the hacker wanting to perv on innocent women but has everything to do with men trying to shame women. Some people justify these photos as men just wanting to look at breasts, but there are millions of porn websites on the internet, that offer legal access to nude images of consenting woman, these photos are about the fact that people think it’s okay to degrade and shame women. Emma Watson has just made a major step forward in advocating for gender equality and the right’s of women, and straight away people are trying to shame and embarrass her. It’s these actions that are preventing gender equality, and it’s these actions that have to stop. The point of this rant it to demonstrate that there are people in the world who will go to any length to protect sexism and male chauvinism and it’ll take the actions of more than one person for it to stop. I’m pretty sure that no one will like this but if at least one person reads it, then that is one person who can hopefully see the damaging effects that these leaked photos are having, and one person who can see that gender inequality is not a joke, and that is at least one person who will hopefully, actually give a crap about trying to make the world better, as cliche as that sounds.¬†